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Some of my past projects...

Cell tissue growth model

This 2D model is driven by the forces of cell wall tension and intra-cellular pressure.

By varying these parameters one can simulate some real-life patterns.

Download video: honda02.avi (32M).

A bunch of related publications is available here.

Molecule topology analyses

Top row: (1) Ball model; (2) Delaunay triangulation;

Bottom row: (3-6) Alpha-shapes; (7) Morse-Smale complex;

An important use of these algorithms is finding functional spots on large protein molecules.

6 Colors

Paint larger area than your computer opponent.

Used techniques: Voronoi diagrams, Minimax algorithm, OpenGL.

Download: colors.zip (1.6M).

WARNING: This one may be addictive! :)

Lights 3D

Connect all lights around the globe.

Used techniques: Kruskal's MST algorithm, OpenGL.

Download: l3d.zip (51K).


This was my class project for the Video Game Development class at UIC in 2008.

Swipe opponent's checkers out from the board using mouse wheel as flick controller.

More screenshots and downloads are available here.