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Download Jazz-Plugin

Jazz-Plugin v.1.5.1

Windows version: Download!
Mac OS X version: Download!
Linux version: Download!

Installation instructions

Windows and MacOS: download and run the installer file. Keep pressing <OK> and <Next> until done.

MacOS: depending on your security settings, you may see a warning message...

Linux: run sudo ./Jazz-Plugin-1-5-2.sh.

You may need to restart your browser.

NOTE: Browsers without NPAPI support require both Jazz-Plugin and Jazz-MIDI extension.

Get the extension for Chrome v.43+ and Opera v.37+ at Chrome Web Store; for Firefox v.52+ at Mozilla Add-ons.


Run npm install -g jazz-midi, or check it at npm.

Release notes

v.1.5.1: Post-NPAPI Firefox support. Developers are strongly advised to use JZZ.js from now on.

v.1.5: Post-NPAPI Chrome support. For the best compatibility, please start using Jazz-Plugin via JZZ.js library.

v.1.4: Web MIDI API compatibility.

New functions: MidiInInfo(), MidiOutInfo(), OnConnectMidiIn(), OnConnectMidiOut(), OnDisconnectMidiIn(), OnDisconnectMidiOut()

v.1.3: Sequential Midi In polling.

New functions: MidiOutRaw(), QueryMidiIn(), ClearMidiIn(). Changed: Support(), MidiInOpen().

v.1.2: SysEx messages.

New functions: MidiOutLong(), Support(). Changed: MidiInOpen().

v.1.1: MIDI-In.

New functions: MidiInList(), MidiInOpen(), MidiInClose(), MidiOutClose(), Time().

v.1.0: External MIDI devices.

New functions: MidiOutList(), MidiOutOpen().

Can be used as stand-alone VBA control in Windows.

v.0.0: The first public release of Jazz-Plugin

Provides the most basic MIDI support via the MidiOut() function.

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