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Support ( string ) - check if the feature is supported.

string is the name of function/property or a platform-specific feature from the following list:

 midi.in      (v.1.2) - MIDI IN supported
 midi.out     (v.1.2) - Extenal MIDI OUT supported
 midi.synth   (v.1.2) - Internal software synth supported
 async.call   (v.1.2) - Browser supports NPN_PluginThreadAsyncCall()
 event.carbon (v.1.2 MacOSX) - Browser uses Carbon event model
 event.cocoa  (v.1.2 MacOSX) - Browser uses Cocoa event model
 build.32bit  (v.1.3) - Browser is running 32-bit version of the plugin
 build.64bit  (v.1.3) - Browser is running 64-bit version of the plugin

Returns true or false.

Support () - returns the list of supported functions. (v.1.3 and later)


if(Jazz.Support("MidiOutRaw"){ use_MidiOutRaw();} else { use_MidiOutLong();}
if(Jazz.Support("event.carbon") alert("Wow! That must be a really old browser!");

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