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MidiOutOpen ( name ) or

MidiOutOpen ( index ) - open specified MIDI device for output.

name is the device name string as returned from MidiOutList().

index is an integer (zero-based) index of the device in the array output by MidiOutList().

Returns the name of the opened device. If failed, returns the name of previously opened device, that remains open.

The best practice is to address devices by name, since index changes when the devices are turned on and off.

Index 0 always corresponds to the default MIDI output.

Keep in mind, that most of hardware devices only allow single connection, so, if the device is used on one page, it may be unavailable on another page.


Jazz.MidiOutOpen("Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth");      // default output device in Windows
var out=Jazz.MidiOutOpen(0);                           // default output device in every system

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