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JZZ.js: Asynchronous MIDI library

Async MIDI made easy!

Get the latest release at GitHub or at npm.

JZZ.js is a JavaScript MIDI library that hides asynchronous calls behind the developer-friendly chaining syntax.

It requires Jazz-Plugin or jazz-midi, and uses Chrome Web MIDI API and/or Web Audio as a fallback.

It works with Node.js and all major browsers in Linux, MacOS and Windows, with a limited support on iOS and Android devices.


"Getting Started" example

  // load JZZ in HTML:
  <script src="scripts/JZZ.js"></script>
  // or in Node.js:
  var JZZ = require('jzz');


  JZZ().or('Cannot start MIDI engine!')
       .openMidiOut().or('Cannot open MIDI Out port!')
       .and('thank you!');


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